Panels & Workshops; Delta St. John's

October 16 - 17, 2015
Professional development and industry education is a major part of MusicNL's mandate and this year we will continue to focus in on the "Business of Music".  This year, MusicNL is planning to engage the audience and have interactive workshops and panels.  International industry professionals and music companies are set to take part throughout the conference portion of our event.  These delegates mixed with our local industry will engage in presenting various workshops and panels, sharing their expertise and mentoring our local artist entrepreneurs and industry professionals interested in the various topics.  The workshops and seminars will run Friday and Saturday from 11 am until 5 pm and will include participation from the audience.


Friday, October 16, 2015

10 - 6 PM - Registration

  • Delta St. John's Lobby

11 - 12 PM - Salon E

  • Jargon Slayer: De-mystifying the Business of Music

  • Moderator;     Anne-Marie Smith / Lonestar Music Services

Panellists;      Shane Kennedy - BDC/Manager, Consulting/Michelle Robertson - Kilbride Music

  • Fired-up about the music, but not so much about the business? Panellists Anne-Marie Smith, Shane Kennedy, and Michelle Robertson aim to share with you their enthusiasm for the exciting world of music business. From the macro to the micro, this workshop will discuss the importance of building your team, understanding your target market, and investing in a business strategy that makes sense for you and your budget.

12 - 2 PM - Salon E

  • Audio Production: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 

Panellists:    Scott Hammond - The Blue Room / David J Taylor -David j Taylor Productions /Chris Kirby -Dipole Productions:Songwriter/Producer

  • 2014 MusicNL panel:"Anatomy of a Production" was the talk of the town! Attendees witnessed first hand the art of production with Scott Hammond and Mark Neary while they discussed the entire creation and production of "Through My Days," a song on Andrew James O'Brien's debut album, Songs for Searchers. The panel focused on the ideas that led from the song's initial creation to its inclusion on the album and finally, to the song's placement in an episode of Canada's hit TV show "Rookie Blue." The audience was led through the process using various multimedia examples, including the song's mix session, which enabled the audience to not only imagine the changes but to hear the before and after effect. This was interesting and helpful for people at all levels of the music industry
  • This year's panel: "Audio Production: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" picks up where last year's panel left off. The panel will focus on the process of making a sound recording, what to expect from your production team, what your production team will expect from you, and how to avoid common pitfalls. The panel will also discuss each stage of the production process - pre-production, production/tracking, mixing, mastering, and anything else that pops up! This workshop will aim to be interactive in an attempt to extend attendees a unique experience in learning the ropes of production. 

 2 - 4 PM - Salon E

  • Town Hall Meeting: Marketing in a Visual World - Technology & Content (Salon E)

  • Presented by The Telegram

Moderator;Don-E Coady - DC Design House/Creative Director

  • Panellists;Tara Bradbury - The Telegram,Arts & Life Reporter/ Jen Rogers - AB Inc. (Audio Blood),Managing Director/Dina Young - Paperbag Records,Label Manager/ Mike Rice - RPM Promotions, Owner /Anne-Marie Smith - Lonestar Music Services / Michelle Robertson - Kilbride Music, Manager

    • Panellists will provide current examples and case studies of projects that use unusual marketing tools and that were successful because of the uniqueness of the branding - how they came up with it, how they launched it, and why they think it worked

    • Social Media / content / measurable results: discussions will focus on how much the industry has changed in the past 5-10 years, with regards to social media and how it interacts with today's technology - what are some basic tools that artists still in the development stage of their careers can use to get their statistics up and raise their profile within the world of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

    • What are some cost effective ideas about branding; how where or what to start with . how to keep momentum and continue to grow and expand your brand locally, provincially, nationally and beyond

    • Some effective ideas with regards to technology that could help artists and music companies face and conquer the unique challenges from such a remote region such as Newfoundland and Labrador

4 - 5 PM - Salon E

  • Industry Mixer @ Delta St. John's (Sponsored by Molson/Coors)

    • A social that is designed to immediately integrate MusicNL members, sponsors and local industry professionals with all the international delegates in a relaxed atmosphere, where they can meet one on one in a casual relaxed atmosphere.  This mixer is strategically placed right after The Town Hall panel, so as to keep the topics, questions and thoughts fresh in everyone's minds, and encourage them to come out to the mixer and network and interact face to face.

Saturday, October 17

10 - 6 PM - Registration

  • Delta St. John's Lobby

11 - 1 PM - Salon E

  • Gettin' Loopy: From Analog to Ableton -An interactive live performance looping workshop and Q&A.

  • Moderator;  Patrick Dunn -Oskillator/Owner

Panellists; Rozalind MacPhail -Performer, Film Composer, Clinician/ David J Taylor (Producer/ Performing Artist / Songwriter)

  • Live Looping:This workshop will be a live demonstration of how this medium works, where it originated and how it will help you enhance the live performance

  • The interactive workshop will demonstrate examples of different sounds, the building of a loop board and some of the different effects and ideas one can explore when experimenting with live shows

1 - 2 PM - Salon E

  • Help is There When You Need It - Unison Benevolent Fund Info Session

  • Moderator: Rozalind MacPhail-Performer, Film Composer, Clinician

Panellist/Representative: Amanda Power / Unison Benevolent Fund

  • The Unison Benevolent Fund is a non-profit charitable organization that provides counselling, emergency relief, and benefit programs for those in the Canadian music community who face personal or professional challenges due to hardship, illness, unemployment or economic difficulties.  Join us at this interactive panel as Unison representative Amanda Power and our host (TBD) dig deep to discuss the benefits of Unison and why as a community we need to stick together when times get tough.

2 - 4 PM - Salon E

  • Paper + Time = Money - Royalty Rights and Registrations

  • Moderator: Greg Bruce/ Musician, Artist, Songwriter, Performer

Panellists: Tim Hardy - SOCAN/Member & Industry Relations Executive - Atlantic /Julia Train -Senior Manager-MROC/Communications & Outreach/ Allistair Elliott - International Representative, Canada (AFM) 

  • Delegates participating should come prepared:  Bring Laptops, Information on Current Releases and Activity
    • Music and the industry supporting artists is constantly evolving.  Not to mention the responsibilities of a professional artist. Knowing your rights and understanding the various revenue streams is a must for every working musician today.  This interactive session will focus not only on just what your rights are, but the specifics on how you can access them. Right on the spot.  Working with specific active NL artists, these experts will walk the attendees through all the processes to ensure they have the tools to access these very important rights and revenue streams.  We, as experts can talk about these rights until we are blue in the face, but the follow-through and paper trail is sometimes where the buck stops and falls off the table. ?So, get ready to get your hands dirty and find out where the money is.

 4 - 5 PM - Salon E

  • MusicNL AGM - Open to all members

  • Chair: Peter Daniel Newman / Treasurer: Robert Buck / Executive Director: Bonnie Fedrau / Communications Officer:  (TBD) Temporary Minutes Documentation
    • MusicNL members are welcome to join the MusicNL Board of Directors for the 2015 Annual General Meeting
    • Our Treasurer will present Financials; our Chair will present a Year-end report; an Executive Director report of the year's day-to-day activities will also be presented.
    • We will present the nomination list of new Board nominees, if within 15, all nominees will be accepted, if over that it will go to a vote

1 - 4 PM - Trinity Bay Room

  • FACTOR - One On One Sessions

  • Sold Out -Allison Outhit, Vice President of Operations
    • hosting the one on one sessions with artists and music companies from 1:00 - 4:00 pm on Saturday Oct 17, 2015
    • The one on ones are always popular as industry professionals and artists can discuss and changes in programming, artists ratings, application process, eligibility, social media profiles and all things FACTOR


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