All Ages: Making Electronic Music Using iMaschine 2

Saturday, January 27, 10 am

50 Harbour Drive, The Neale Building





A workshop on how to dive into electronic music production using the computer in your pocket.

iMaschine 2 is an innocent-looking app, but is actually a powerful digital audio workstation that’s easy to learn and loaded with musical possibilities. In this free two-hour workshop, electronic musician Elling Lien ( will show participants how to develop drum patterns and melodies, build song structures, and shape a unique sound using the software.

• An iPhone or iPad (sorry Android users! :()
• Headphones or earbuds
• A full version of Native Instruments iMaschine 2 ($9.99 on the App Store)

This workshop will give absolute beginners a good overview of what to expect in any electronic music software. The software is also great for experienced producers who would like to integrate this musical sketchpad into their workflow. (I use iMaschine sketches as the basis for all of the tracks you’ll hear on my Soundcloud! – elling)

You can make complete tracks using iMaschine 2, but it’s easy to export audio to other computer software, like Garageband or REAPER, to add to your other projects. For deeper editing, files can be edited on a computer using the Maschine software.

YOUTH (19 & Under) Workshop: 10am-12pm
ADULT Workshop: 1pm-3pm
2nd Floor Neal Building (50 Harbour Drive)

An RPM Challenge event presented by Unpossible NL and MusicNL