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There are so many reasons to become a member of MusicNL, here are a few great ones.


Your online profile allows you to post your news and performances


Musician advocacy to governments media, and funders


Award and showcase opportunities and voting status for awards and annual general meeting


Connect with a network of your peers, business referrals, and market access.


Access to travel funding, professional development, and free resources and consultations

Member Testimonials

Mark Nichols

The Parish of St. Mark the Evangelist.

- Mark Nichols

The Celtic Fiddlers

I have been a part of the Celtic Fiddlers since July 1st 2015. After completing my music and music education degrees at Memorial, Korona, who was one

- The Celtic Fiddlers

How has MusicNL helped you grow?

Second Stage Creative Arts

Being a member of MusicNL has greatly expanded opportunities for our company and for the artists whom we support. Through funding for recording projects, touring and professional development, MusicNL provides valuable support for the seeds that can grow into full time careers in music. In addition, MusicNL plays a very important role in advocating for the needs and rights of musicians and recording artists , maintaining our visibility as an industry in the public sphere, through communication with government, programs, funding and the annual conference and awards show. The staff at MusicNL are moving ahead with programs to further strengthen professional skills within our community. MusicNL is an essential part of the cultural fabric and economy of our province.

- Second Stage Creative Arts

Raie Lene Kirby

MusicNL has opened my eyes to the many facets of the music industry here in Newfoundland and Labrador and around the world! I have been involved with MusicNL over the years as a representative of our recording studio, Groove Den, as well as a supporter (and biggest fan) of my husbands band, Cabbages and Kings but have seen just how important the industry is too all musicians on all levels! MusicNL and its members have finally given me the courage and the platform to release my first musical endeavor in an accepting and supportive culture of music!

- Raie Lene Kirby