"Tanglecove are a musical tour-de-force! They are among Newfoundland’s most eclectic and creative songwriters.." – Angela Ardis

- Tanglecove

Florian Hoefner

“Mr. Hoefner is an articulate German-born pianist. […] His new album, “Luminosity,” shows him to be a composer-bandleader of

- Florian Hoefner

Megan Marshall and Vibe Galore

"The first time I heard Megan Marshall sing I was immediately struck by the depth of music. I felt I was hearing not just a singer but a personal

- Megan Marshall and Vibe Galore

The Gathering

One person might tell you to go for the food. I can’t deny that … Some people might tell you to go for the music. But I’m telling you to go for the

- The Gathering


"This Album sounds like Deadmau5 possessed your video game console and commanded you to dance" – Chad Pelley (the Overcast)



"Canadian hypno-folk act TWIN and are changing music history with their River Armada Concert Series taking themselves, others, all their gear and


Rotary Arts Centre

The Rotary Arts Centre Committee’s mission is to see a community Arts Centre for the city that will serve our arts and cultural producers and th

- Rotary Arts Centre

Derek Graham

– Professional singer, song writer, and live audio technician.

– Ran an independent Winnipeg booking agency “BCD Music Group”.

– P

- Derek Graham

John Feltham

Those who matter don’t mind, and those you mind don’t matter.

- John Feltham

Atlantic Disc and DVD

We’re now working on our fifth CD and these days, I know the last thing I’ll have to worry about is manufacturing. When the mixes and graphics are don

- Atlantic Disc and DVD

Rozalind MacPhail

“…a breath of fresh air. MacPhail’s passion and skill on the flute is obvious; She inspires the listener with uplifting melodies an

- Rozalind MacPhail

Dan Rubin

A unique voice in Canadian acoustic music, combining extraordinary instrumental talent with gifted songwriting – Alex Varty, Georgia Straight

- Dan Rubin

Cat Bowring

"The two-hour show flew by like a comet in a starry winter night."
– Mathurin.com, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.

"Artist with a genuin

- Cat Bowring

Steve Parsons

My latest album, 2016’s An Honest Man (In A Mechanical Land) is now on iTunes, Google Play and more!

iTunes stream: http://itunes.apple.com/a

- Steve Parsons

Sherry Ryan

“This second album by the hugely successful Sherry Ryan proves further evidence of the high number of great artists coming out of the Canadian w

- Sherry Ryan

Carolann Fowler

Alan Doyle (March 2015)

Truth be told, I have only known Carolann Fowler for a short time, since she walked on stage with me in earlier this year a

- Carolann Fowler

Katie Power

"Thank you Katie for an awesome evening. You are a natural performer and a beautiful person. I am so grateful I met you"
~Edna Hunt

- Katie Power


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- Everglow