Growing the Music Industry in Newfoundland and Labrador.

MusicNL Pleased with City of St. John’s Swift Action to Support Musicians.

 The following loading zone locations are available for musician loading/unloading at any time of day unless otherwise indicated: 

  • Clift’s – Baird’s Cove: one loading zone currently in place, and a second will be designated near Boca. 
  • Ayres Cove: full street 
  • George Street: until noon 
  • George Street at John J. Murphy Building (City Hall Annex) 
  • Duckworth Street near The Sprout restaurant 
  • Duckworth Street at 285 Duckworth Street (former Newfoundland Museum location) 
  • Harbour Drive (former Mill Street Brewery location) 
  • Queen Street: two loading zones