Burton wants St. John’s known as ‘Canada’s music city’

“I would like us to become known as Canada’s music city,” Coun. Maggie Burton said at the regular Monday council meeting.

She’d like to see St. John’s promote that official designation, much like councillors in Montreal recently discussed dubbing it “metal music city.”

“I think that sort of official designation as recognized by the city, or the province, or the country can help to be a tourism draw,” Burton said.

“People would want to come here and participate in our wonderful music scene. I think specifically St. John’s is the cultural capital of Canada as it relates to music, and for many other things as well, but I’m focusing on music.”

Burton referred the idea to staff and is welcoming a broader discussion amongst the public.

“I want to hear what the community thinks first. If everybody disagrees – maybe nobody agrees with me – so, I’d like to put it out there for discussion first, like an informal engagement on my part.”

Burton said depending on how that conversation goes, the idea could possibly be put forward as a motion at council.

Burton is also a musician, and said she has first-hand knowledge of the city’s “fantastic music community.”

“I want to highlight it on the international stage as much as possible.”


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