NL singer/songwriter Colleen Power has dedicated a live music video to Afterwords Bookstore, an iconic fixture in downtown St. John’s for more than 45 years that went out of business in recent weeks. “It’s hard to imagine downtown without Afterwords, and it’s just as hard to imagine walking by the shop without seeing (owner) David Benson outside with his pipe,” said Power. “In fact, it’s incredibly sad. This will be my family’s first Christmas ever without buying books and gifts from Afterwords. St. John’s has lost more than a bookstore; it’s lost part of the downtown soul.”

Power — along with musicians Jason Whelan on guitar and Greg Walsh on fiddle — performed the song Pat Murphy’s Meadow live during the store’s closing week. The video stars Afterwords’ David Benson as himself, with camera and editing by Ben Smith, sound recording by Neil Conway, and mastering by Jason Whelan.

Power said she chose Pat Murphy’s Meadow because of the feeling it bestows. “The song is about loss. It’s sentimental, but not too sentimental,” said Power, who released the song on her December, 2016 album, Raised on This. “I don’t want Afterwords to be forgotten, or the importance of small business, and I also don’t want people to forget the magic that books and bookstores bring to our lives.” “I am honoured to have David and Afterwords in the video, in what I know must be a very hard time for him and his wife Catherine.”

Pat Murphy’s Meadow was written by John Martin Devine from King’s Cove, Bonavista Bay, NL.

The song is also available on Raised on This, available at Fred’s Records & O’Brien’s Music. Downloads are available on Colleen’s Bandcamp page.


Here is the link to the video:

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