Domestic Violence and MMIW (Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women) addressed on Valentine’s Day release by NL Rapper Kielly Koyote

“She Belongs to Me” song sees violence through the eyes of family

Newfoundland hip hop artist, Kielley Koyote, has always known the lady bashing in rap music wasn’t his thing.

His new single, “She Belongs to Me,” is about violence against women, missing and murdered indigenous women, viewed through the eyes of her family. It was inspired by a poem written by Cindie Lush, an Indigenous woman known as storm born. Her poem, “Call Her Home” talks about her experiences with domestic violence she endured as a child and later, as an adult, at the hands of a lover. “She Belongs To Me” is  dedicated to Chantel John, an Aboriginal woman from Conne River, Newfoundland,  that was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in January. Chantel’s death shook Newfoundland, the members of the Miawpukek First Nation in Conne River and survivors of domestic violence in the province.

It was the combination of the poem and collecting red clothes for the Red Dress movement just outside Conne River, that it really hit home for Kielley. “We were collecting red clothes because Cindie and my girlfriend are friends and she had asked Wendy and I if we could drop off the red clothing for the campaign. They wanted motorists to see the red dresses on their way to Chantel’s funeral. Cindie later messaged me and said her spirit guide told her to give me this poem.”

The poem inspired Kielley to write “She Belongs to Me”, storm born’s title. “I wanted to raise awareness that this happens to the women in our lives,” he said. “Within the hip hop culture, we often see lyrics involving violence and objectification of women. I wanted to describe what that violence looked like through the eyes of a family member. That way, I hope, as men, that we can have open dialogue and make changes for the daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts of tomorrow.”

“She Belongs to Me” is set for release on February 14 when we celebrate Valentine’s Day with boxes of chocolates, flowers and healthy relationships. “She Belongs to Me” is meant to shine the light on abuse victims who will likely have an entirely different kind of day.


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