Erin Costelo will spend 10 days in January 2018 in rural Nova Scotia producing her 5th studio album, and is asking for help to fund the album and accompanying documentary film. Joining Erin, to document the creative process and to translate it into a documentary film, is Juno-award winner Amelia Curran. The fun part is not only are Erin and Amelia award winning artists and performers, they are also close friends. They have admired each other’s work for more than a decade but have yet to collaborate on a project.

This will be special. It will be the ultimate insight into process of making an album: through the eyes of an artist like Amelia. She will capture the strength Erin has an artist, her interactions with band mates, and of course her work as the Producer of this project. There are few women in the industry taking on all of these challenges and we will see it all through Amelia’s lense. This project is unique because, unlike past records, Erin has challenged herself to create this record in 10 days and has assembled a cracking band – including Blue Rodeo’s drummer Glenn Milchem, longtime collaborator Clive MacNutt on guitar, Anna Ruddick on upright and electric bass (Randy Bachmann, Ben Caplan, Ladies of the Canyon), Leith Fleming-Smith (Matt Mays) on organ,Andrew McKelvie (sax) and Andrew Jackson (trombone), plus the Blue Engine String Quartet- to work with her on this project.

About the documentary: “The studio documentary is a long standing tradition,” observes Amelia, “It allows an audience to study the engine of the music they love – pry open the casing, and view the bones. “What is particularly enticing, and why Erin Costelo is a great candidate for studio documentary, are her skills as a self produced artist. This isn’t simply tapping a microphone and slogging through fifty takes. Costelo is a Band Leader in the sense of Duke Ellington and his ilk. Every note from under each performer is a considered move. How it tumbles through the studio environment and is engineered and conditioned out the other side to it’s audience is a rodeo of painstaking precision and delight. “Once completed, this project will be able to be viewed as one concise music documentary, or as eight shorter episodes, song by song. It may be released as the artists online portfolio or packaged and submitted to film festivals and broadcasters.” In the middle of winter, the unique space where the album and film will be created will serve as anincubator for the new album. The space is an open concept timber-frame building with massive fireplaces, ocean views and a central staircase built around an ancient white pine, felled in a nearby forest.

The space seems to nurture and cull creativity, and because of this, all musicians will live at the space and create all day, in and around this inspiring environment and each other. Erin, Amelia, and the crew will be sharing the journey as it unfolds via social media, email updates to supporters, and videos. We want to share the process and to get everyone excited about the new music and film. We have raised $45,700 of our $71,700 total budget and are asking for your help to raise the remaining $25000.

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