Ian Foster Releases ‘IF and When’ A Podcast

IF and When with Ian Foster – a Podcast

Have you ever wished you could sit down for a long chat with Sandy Morris? Or wanted to pick Pamela Morgan’s brain on what it was really like to be in Figgy Duff? How does Des Walsh feel when he sits down to work on a poem or a screenplay? What is day to day life like for those who make something happen where there was nothing before? Ian Foster’s new podcast IF and When is here and waiting for you to tune in, with a cup of coffee or maybe something a little stronger…

Ian started listening to podcasts while on tour several years ago, craving something to break up the long drives in addition to music. “I found so many amazing conversation – as opposed to strict interview – podcasts.” Foster said, “Two people sitting down and discussing something at length, and largely unedited. Whether it was studio recording, politics, whatever…when it was good, I would look at the clock and find an hour or more had gone by and I’d been completely engaged in the conversation.”

Enter IF and When: a podcast that features long form conversations with creators about how and why they do what they do. The topic is intentionally broad because Foster wants as few constraints as possible when talking to guests. “Podcasts are already free from time and language constraints, unlike traditional media segments,” he said, “My first series of guests are all people I know personally anyway, but I still don’t prepare a strict series of questions to be answered, because this isn’t a media spot to promote an upcoming project or event. This is an ongoing conversation for me and the people in my community circles about making things: I’ve got topics I’d like to pick their brains about. It all flows from there.”

You can visit www.ianfoster.ca/if-and-when-podcast for links on various platforms, and listeners are encouraged to subscribe or follow on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify to get updates when each weekly episode is released.