Katie Power Releases new song ” Dream”


I am so excited to share with you my very first newly released single “Dream”

Recorded back in the fall with Ian Foster here in St. John’s, this song is the lead single off my debut album “Believe” which is coming up in June 2018! A combination of blues, folk, and soul. Inspirational, uplifting and here to evoke positive energy and emotion, the entire album will be a collection of songs that were inspired from following my dream about (Alive Adventures). I guess you can call this a dream within a dream;) I pray that it can be a source of positive energy for you and our community, to believe in your dreams, others and most importantly your incredible potential.


You can listen to the song here


The journey of the song – Dream I remember when this song came to me, I was literally in Australia, where I had landed after responding to my dream “about Alive Adventures – The youth camp and business I had begun in 2010”. It felt so surreal to have followed by intuition, to be actually within my dreams request, to be facing fears each and every day. I felt truly ALIVE. This song came through me at my homestead in Byron Bay at the time, I was bathing in the joy and awe of this journey, and feeling so grateful for having being given this great gift. I was so grateful to have the courage to actually follow it. I invite you to close your eyes during this song, to allow whatever dream you may have in your current heart to come alive, to unravel. Enjoy your wild carpet ride adventure during this song, let your spirit soar. Feel elevated from your soul’s joy while revealing in the thought and imagination of this dream. Remember that within those dreams are key messages that can help us to get on our True North path, to happiness. Much Love. Hope you enjoy. This song is also now available on I tunes for purchase. I hope I get to share my Debut album with you on June 28th at the album release party. I will keep you posted! Lots of LOVE to you.

Happy Dreaming,

Katie Power


Up and coming performances:

Battery Cafe Saturday – January 13th: 7:00 – 8:00pm

Jumping Bean – Elizabeth Avenue Friday – February 2nd: 7:00 – 9:00 pm

*Other shows listed on my website. *

If you want to book me for a show or motivational key note: katiepowernl@gmail.com




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