MusicNL Hires two new JCP Positions

Join us in welcoming our two new JCP staff to MusicNL! We are thrilled to have Anthony & Mia on board. Each of them brings a diverse set of skills to the organization.

Mia Penney: Digital Marketing & Virtual Platforms Coordinator
Mia Penny’s love of music is founded on years of involvement with the St. John’s and provincial music scene.  An artist, and graphic designer by training, Mia has been involved with a variety of projects across Canada providing branding, social media input, web-design and graphics for firms from real estate  agencies to local craft producers and trades, with logo design being one of her specialties.  She brings to MusicNL not only these skills, but an intense love of the province and St. John’s (her home town), with interests in heritage and architectural preservation.

Anthony Carew: Outreach & Events Coordinator
Through charities like Free the Children and Make a Wish Foundation, event production and promotion were my first ventures into the music industry. Before finishing high school, I spearheaded music-based initiatives that lead to funding the building of a school in Kenya and made a terminally ill child’s dream come true. Midway through an interdisciplinary degree in English and Business, music journalism presented itself as an opportunity. This provided a look into the industry and how all the various facets came together. Journalism developed relationships with media outlets, labels, PR companies, and artists. Plus, I was able to talk with artists I grew up listening to like: Anthrax, Megadeth, Misfits, Cradle of Filth, and Twisted Sister. Some of the most valuable lessons were given off-the-record. 2016 saw the launch of Still Heavy Productions, which has grown to assist with band management, production, promotion, mixing, mastering, and grant writing. Through this endeavour music licensing has become a regular topic. Thankfully, I’m now enrolled in the music licensing online course from Berklee.


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