PSYCH-E-PUNK, Mike Fisher’s first Solo Album


Psych-E-Punk is a lyrical reflection on today’s times.

Mike is the founding member and lead vocalist of The Reaction, one of Canada’s earliest Punk/Metal bands formed in St. John’s from 78 – 81 which has risen to legendary status in Punk/Metal circles. The limited 45rpm release ON THE BEACH and THE KIDS ARRIVED is a prized item sought by collectors worldwide.

It is in the Prog/Punk style of Mike’s writing that molds the sound of Psych-e-Punk. Songs like Ugly on the Inside, Won’t Sleep Again and Black Cat Coming echo life’s complexities. Not all dark at times, humor comes into play with Mike’s own experience with the rockabilly throwback I Could Have Tripped Richard Simmons!

Mike plays all instruments and handles vocal duties. St. John’s musician/artist Bill Rose and Hammingwell’s Jeff White and Dave Bailey add their talents to several songs.

Guaranteed to please rock fans Psych-e-Punk is available on vinyl only with digital download. Vinyl copies will be available at Fred’s Records and Sunrise Records in St. John’s next week.


Listen on Spotify here

Twitter: @mikefisherpsyc1