Saltwater Noise by Steady Entertainment Inc

Virtual Events Platform for Newfoundland Musicians to become available with MusicNL Grant

Steady Entertainment Inc​, Pasadena-based entertainment firm, to launch ​Saltwater Noise​- a multimedia platform and livestream enhancement product.

Dustin Parsons has been a champion of home-grown music and comedy in Newfoundland for almost 15 years. A background in marketing and events organization, coupled with a zeal for local entertainment- the foundation of ​Steady Entertainment Inc ​in 2016 seemed a natural way to infuse personal passion with a desire to promote progress in his home province. From humble beginnings that included audiences in his own living room, the last four years have seen tremendous growth for the entertainment firm. It’s no coincidence that, in the same four years, opportunities for artists and entertainment seekers alike have been exploding in Western Newfoundland.

Today, ​Steady Entertainment Inc​ is engaging with hundreds of thousands of fans online through original content. They have organized some of our province’s most notable events: ​The Gathering Festival ​ (Forbes Magazine Top 10 outdoor Events), ​Alan Doyle+Trent McLellan Come Home Stadium Event, The Jigs and Wheels Festival,​ Vinyl Garage House Show Series, The Newfoundland Explorer Tour, Metal Militia Metallica Tribute and a national comedy tour for ​Trent McLellan.

But the times, they are a-changin’. With many ‘Covid-Cancelled’ festivals disappearing on Newfoundland’s horizon, Parsons was determined to adapt this company to help Newfoundland artists seize new opportunities online.

“Covid exposed many vulnerabilities in our gig economy” says Parsons, founder of ​Steady Entertainment Inc​. “While nothing will ever replace the feeling of being at a concert – there are opportunities online and I want our musicians to have as fair a chance as any.”

Launching ​Saltwater Noise- Newfoundland’s Virtual Events​ seemed to be the natural next step. With funding from the MusicNL ​Press On​ program, the platform supports innovation and sustainability for industry professionals. Saltwater Noise​ will expand the reach of Newfoundland music by leveraging the latest multi-streaming technology, a custom virtual events studio and decades of online marketing experience. It will effectively highlight and enhance the online product of home-grown performers through Live Stream Performances, while cultivating strategic relationships with community partners and companies.

Jon Oake, Director of Social Campaigns for ​Saltwater Noise​, feels this new platform goes beyond quenching a temporary provincial entertainment drought- it creates opportunities to foster an even deeper, more inclusive connection between the province’s industry professionals and their fans. It removes roadblocks like distancing and geography from today’s Newfoundland musical experience.

“To me, ​Saltwater Noise ​is more than just a virtual events platform. It’s a place where we can bring musicians together across Newfoundland and showcase the diverse array of talent this island has to offer.”

“Because we have so much of the required infrastructure in place for virtual events, this $5000 can really be put to work to increase the reach and audience size of Newfoundland based Virtual Events.

Saltwater Noise – Newfoundland’s Virtual Events


Saltwater Noise
“It’s adapt or Die.

Saltwater Noise pulls together a dream team from around the province: Dustin Parsons – Director (Steady Entertainment) Daniel Bennett – Project Manager/Legal (Lawyer, St.Johns) Jon Oake – Direct of Social Campaigns (Meraki Clothing Co, Ecommerce guru) Mike Hoskins – Production Direction – (Rogers TV, Metal Militia)

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