Scott Gilbert Releases Christmas Single, ” Lights are Shining”



Scott Gilbert Releases New Christmas Single “Lights Are Shining”

Local rocker Scott Gilbert releases an original Christmas tune, “LIGHTS ARE SHINING”, recorded at Rock Island Studios in Greens Harbour, NL. The track brings Gilbert’s signature driving rock and roll grooves juxtaposed by genuine lyrics that summon that inexplicable warm feeling of Christmas. Gilbert is a skilled songwriter. On “LIGHTS ARE SHINING”, he uses melody and lyric to set the scene. Of the track, Gilbert says “‘come let me sing to you’ was the lyric that popped into my head and it just flowed from there” – his versatility as a songwriter is clear.

On “LIGHTS ARE SHINING”: “Writing a song for or about Christmas is hard. There is a difficult balance to make it honest and heartfelt without being too earnest. Scott Gilbert has written a tune that has elements of happiness of the season mixed with the feelings of uncertainty everyday real people have. And he did it all with a fantastic hook and killer melody. I have a feeling I’ll be humming this one all season.” – ECMA Nominated artist Jerry Stamp


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