2017 MusicNL Award Show Production Request for Proposals


To Whom It May Concern,

MusicNL is seeking the services of a production company for their 2017 Award Show to be held Sunday, October 15th at the new St. John’s Convention Centre. Load-in and set-up will commence 8:00 am on Saturday, October 14th and continue throughout that day and night until completion (including back line placement). Sound checks for the award show will begin 9:00 am on Sunday, October 15th and end approximately at 5:00 pm. Showtime for the award show is 8:00 pm and the show will run until approximately 10:30 pm. Load-out will commence immediately following the concert. All crew are required to be on-site for the full two days (no exceptions). The production company reports directly to the Producer/Director, Tony Murray.



Below is a list of requirements to be supplied by the production company. Please price your quote per category as listed below.



Note that staging must be provided by the production company though actual size will be determined at a later date. Please base your quote on a 40 x 40 deck.


This refers to all sound equipment required for the show i.e. tops/bottoms, monitors, consoles (2), mics, di’s, cables etc. These shows feature multiple acts of varying musical genres and scenes/patches have to be saved at sound check and re-called at show time. Therefore analogue front of house and monitor consoles are unacceptable. The front of house mixing and side stage monitor consoles should both be digital LS9-32 channel (or equivalent). Vocal mics are to be wireless, clear-com (minimum 4 posts) must be provided and we will need a podium with light and condenser mics (no Delta podium).  Please specify what existing equipment you plan to use. If an electrical tie-in is required it will be the logistical & financial responsibility of the production company.


This is the provinces most prestigious music conference and lighting needs to be phenomenal. A combination of conventional/static lighting, a series of moving heads, a selection of LEDs, focused Lekos (or follow spot), acls/blinders and a Grand MA or equivalent lighting console complete with appropriate software. Two fully functioning hazer’s (with fluid) are required as well. Please describe your design vision for these shows as part of your quote.


There is a large video component to these shows. The production company must supply two 9’ x 12’ video screens with full dress kit. One 9000 Lumen LCD Projector, one RGB seamless switcher, two clean laptops and a designated video technician. The plan is also to shoot both shows close circuit in the house. Include the cost of two cameras, with operators, necessary switcher and other components required.


As this is a high profile show all equipment must not only be in good working order but be visually acceptable as well. Requirements are: one full drum kit complete with cymbals & throne (and riser), three guitar amps (provide variety), two Ampeg SVT Classic 8×10 Cabinets, two Ampeg SVT Classic heads. Provide brands with quote. This equipment is to be on-site October 14th and set-up on stage by end of day. This equipment cannot be moved to other venues throughout the weekend.


This is a fast paced and intense show so only seasoned professionals will be acceptable. We will require one front of house sound technician, one lighting director, one side stage monitor technician, one stage manager, one stage hand who can handle patching and backline needs plus the aforementioned video tech and camera people. Please add whatever loaders or riggers you feel necessary. Actual names of all key personnel on the award show (sound/monitors/lighting/stage/video) must be provided with quote or the submission will be disqualified.



All quotes must be received at the MusicNL offices by Friday August 4th, 2017. Questions and submissions may be emailed to: Glenda Tulk, Executive Director via email at glenda@musicnl.ca



MusicNL reserves the right to not accept the lowest bid.

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