Canadian Music Publishers Association – Women In The Studio Program

Canadian Music Publishers Association is pleased to announce our Women in the Studio program for 2019. This year we are proud to be offering curated production-related opportunities and experiences to five producer-songwriters. The ideal candidates are:

• already working producer-songwriters who identify as women
• producer-songwriters do not need to be on your roster to qualify, but are on your radar and would benefit from a series of opportunities and networking experiences
• this is not genre-specific (candidates who produce-write in any genre are eligible)
• candidate must have a connection to Ontario (either as an Ontario resident or published by an Ontario-based company)


Benefits of the program include:
• a JUNOS-related experience in London, ON March 2019
• a CMW-related experience in Toronto, May 2019
• possible involvement in one of Canadian Music Publishers Association’s upcoming song camps
• other networking opportunities Materials needed to apply:
• a short bio of candidate
• a Soundcloud or other streamable link to 2-3 songs produced or produced-written by candidate
• a short paragraph explaining how that candidate would benefit from this experience


To apply on behalf of a producer-songwriter through the link below, you must confirm with that candidate that they’re interested and able to participate in all aspects of the program, OR you can forward the link to the candidate who can apply on their own behalf.

Applications must be submitted through the link here

Only successful candidates will be contacted. The deadline to submit your application is February 10, 2019.

Questions? Contact Yaka Somasunderam at 416-926-7952  or

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