The FACTOR Artist Development Program offers a $2,000 subsidy (FACTOR will reimburse 75% of the eligible costs up to $2,000) toward one year of artist development activities including sound recording, touring & showcasing, video production, marketing and promotion. These activities must be detailed in an artist development plan, which is incorporated into the application on the portal.


Artists rated General and 2, and Professional Songwriters can apply. Artists rated 3 are not eligible for this program. An Artist or Professional Songwriter may receive one Artist Development Grant per FACTOR fiscal year, to a maximum of two Artist Development Grants in the lifetime of the Artist Development Program. (Previously awarded Demo Grants will not be counted against this total).

The next deadline for this funding is October 17th, 2019. All FACTOR deadlines are for 11:59pm PT on deadline day. Any technical issues with FACTOR’s online system must be reported to FACTOR prior to 5pm ET on deadline day.

Applicants can only apply to one of the two juried programs (either Artist Development or Juried Sound Recording), and only at one of the two deadlines (May 16 or Oct 17). Applicants will not be able to apply to two deadlines in a row. If an applicant applies to the May 16 deadline, they cannot apply to either program at the October 17 deadline. Applicants will have to wait for their next eligible deadline (in this example, May 2020) to apply again. Think of it as “every other deadline”.

There is one exception to the “every other deadline” rule: For each program, the top 20 applications that do not receive funding will be eligible to make improvements to their applications and reapply for the next deadline without waiting a full 12 months. Clients will be notified when the jury results are communicated if they are eligible for this exception.


How to Apply

To apply for this funding, follow the application instructions on the FACTOR website carefully.

With your application, you must submit:

  • An MP3 of a recent demo along with lyrics, known as the assessment track
  • A current artist biography (uploaded to your artist profile)
  • An artist development plan, which sets out all the intended artist development activities to be undertaken if the project is approved for funding

At the end of the Artist Development year, successful applicants are required to deliver to FACTOR one new, previously unreleased, professional quality sound recording, called the Delivery Track.

Payment Process and Project Completion

FACTOR will reimburse 75% of the eligible costs up to $2,000. To receive the full grant, applicants must complete the activities set out in an artist development plan, and be able to prove that they incurred at least $2667 worth of eligible expenses (including Donated Services) during the Artist Development year.

FACTOR will allow a claim for Artist’s Donated Services of up to $500 for this program. Beyond that, FACTOR will only recognize costs actually paid to third parties. Artists who do not intend to spend money on third-party costs are not eligible for this program.

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