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Workshop Sessions

JANUARY 16 – Financial record keeping and taxes
Presenters: Kevin Blackmore, Wayne Chaulk, Doug Kirby, Boyd Chislett, and Dan Rubin


FEBRUARY 6 – Getting ready for the recording studio
Presenters: Steve Lilly, Scott Hammond, Elling Lien, and Michelle LaCour


FEBRUARY 27 – Music marketing and promotion
Presenters: Michelle Robertson, Rozalind MacPhail, Duo Concertante (Nancy Dahn and Timothy Steeves), and Don-E Coady (Dc Design House)


MARCH 6 – Musical rights and income sources
Presenters: Robert Buck, Rodney Murphy, Liana White, Diana Barry and Dan Rubin


MARCH 27 – Stress relief and avoiding injury
Presenter: Jennifer Johnson


APRIL 10 – Touring tips and survival on the road
Presenters: Tim Baker, Matthew Hornell, Meg Warren, Christine Carter, Rosalyn Dennett (CFM) and Liana White(CFM)


SEPTEMBER 18 – Music teaching and studio operation
Presenters: Carole Bestvater, Lauren Smee, Caryl Clark and Tiffany Pinhorn-Smith


OCTOBER 16 – Composing for film
Presenters: Sandy Morris, Duane Andrews, Rozalind MacPhail, Rosalyn Dennett, and Tim Hardy


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