SOCAN – Canadian Music Assistance

This program nurtures an environment supportive of Canadian music creators, Canadian music publishers and audiences. This program can include:

  • Music Presentation events which can be a showcase, single concert, concert series or a festival. To be eligible these events must include at least 50% of Canadian music.
  • Education activities which can range from presenting workshops for songwriters, composers, writers and publishers to the introduction of Canadian music in schools.
  • Publication activities, which may include research and writing towards the publication of books or journals (printed or electronic), production of performance scores (printed or electronic).
    Generally, this program only funds a small portion of the applicant’s budget. Minimum grant level is $1,000. Historically, the average Canadian Music Assistance grant is $1,500. Applicants with a long track record of successful applications to the SOCAN Foundation’s Canadian Music Assistance program may be invited to enter into a Sponsorship Agreement with the SOCAN Foundation. Historically, the average Sponsorship amount is $5,000. Applicants may receive no more than one (1) application to this program per calendar year.To apply and learn more Click Here 

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