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Play on Gower

MusicNL presents a space for work, play, & performance in the downtown! MusicNL members receive rental discounts on all spaces.

Added value when you book at Play on Gower: MusicNL will promote your event on our events page, place event in our newsletter, offer event registration and payment options as part of your fee, and marketing to thousands!

The Sanctuary

Offers beautiful atmosphere and acoustics. It is ideal for music events and large speaking engagements. 

Capacity: 800

Rental Rates:

Full day Rental   $500

1/2 day Rental $250


Gower’s 2021 Video System has been designed to enable high quality, professional looking live streaming, large screen projection and recording of concerts / events. In addition to providing a high quality of service, the system can be managed/operated on most occasions, by a single trained operator. 

  • Four (4) cameras 
  • A maximum HD Video camera resolution of 1980x1080p with low light capability 
  • A wall mounted projector feed is available as an HDMI input 
  • Gower’s AV system employs a state-of-the-art hardware video switcher/mixer 
  • The video switcher supports a configurable direct to on-line live stream with one touch stream activation (YouTube, Facebook or Twitch options). Gower’s system has been set to stream directly to a dedicated YouTube chanel.  

See full Sanctuary equipment details below:

Added Value

  • Event promotion to over 5000
  • Online ticketing and event registration
  • Support in creating and delivering your event
  • Payment plan (members of MusicNL)

The Meet Up Room

Idea for small meetings, music lessons and chats.

Capacity: 25

Tables and chairs available.

Rental Rates:

1hr Rental      $20

4hr Rental     $90

8hr Rental     $175

The Lecture Hall

Great for larger events and meetings. It can also be used for rehearsal space, dance practice, improv, whatever you can imagine!

Capacity: 200 people.

-Tables and Chairs available

-Audio visual system

-Direct access off New Gower Street

-Elevated stage area

Rental Rates:

1hr Rental $50

1/2 day Rental  $200

Full day Rental  $300

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MusicNL IWD Songwriters Circle

The Kitchen

Great commercial space available for rent. Ideal for preparing meals for large numbers of guests. Includes:pots, pans and cooking utensils.

Only available on Sundays.

Rental Rates:

1hr Rental $60

4hr Rental  $250

8hr Rental  $500

Gower Street United Volunteers

MusicNL members receive a discount on rental rates. Please contact Manizheh (Pronunciation: Mani-jey) today to book your space your way!

P: 709-754-2574

E: Manizheh@musicnl.ca