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MusicNL relies on the participation of members and individuals from the music sector to jury funding programs and award nominations each year.

Jurors are individuals from the community with substantial music industry experience. Their knowledge, expertise, and ability to interpret the current music landscape makes them qualified to support MusicNL mandate.MusicNL draws on a broad and diverse range of industry professionals from across Canada, in a wide spectrum of genres and styles. We believe that peer evaluation ensures a fair and transparent process and promotes equal representation throughout the industry.

Opportunities to participate

  • Music Celebration Week (MCW)
  • Funding programs
  • Factor‘s programs

Become a juror today! Contact Rhonda rhonda@musicnl.ca for MCW and Mariana for funding programs mariana@musicnl.ca.

At the end of each year MusicNL will post a listing of all jurors.

2022 coming soon.