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Music Celebration Week

Support for Live Music Venues

MusicNL Is increasing its value proposition for live music venues. The global pandemic has been devastating for live music venues and they require funding, support and connections on all levels.

List of Live Music Venues

Click HERE to see a list of Live Music Venues in Newfoundland and Labrador!

Festival and Venues Inclusivity Toolkit

MusicNL is committed to helping Newfoundland and Labrador’s Venues and Festivals to be more inclusive! Learn more here!


  • Quarterly town halls with other venue owners to discuss issues and solutions
  • Representation on the national stage through membership CLMA, hopes of starting local chapter click here
  • Advocacy at the municipal, provincial and federal levels by MusicNL


  • Connections to artists and managers
  • Connections to promoters
  • Connections to live music venues across NL and Can


All the benefits that come along with being a member of MusicNL learn more click here