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Artist Development (Recordings)

Fosters and supports Newfoundland and Labrador musical culture through the funding of diverse artists and genres in singles, EP’s, full-length sound recordings, marketing and promotion materials.

Deadlines: July 31, 2022 & November 30 , 2022

Market Access (Touring)

Designed to increase awareness of provincially produced music at local, national, and international levels by touring.

Professional Development

Providing assistance to those working in the music sector to improve creative skills, to gain greater knowledge of the music industry and to conduct business that seeks to promote and market outside the province.

Virtual Professional Development

Designed to provide assistance to members to improve creative skills, and to gain greater knowledge of the music industry through online learning.

Community Presenters Program

The Community Presenters Program provided investment for non-profit organizations or societies committed to providing musical experiences for their communities during Come Home Year 2022. Non-profit organizations or committees working for not for profits cudl avil up to $2,500 to help cover the costs associated with hiring musical talent in their community. 

The Community Presented Program is now closed. We hope to offer it again in summer 2023.

Other funding programs include:


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