Music Celebration Week 2024: Sep. 4 - 7

MusicNL is the Music Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador!

Community Presenters Program

The Community Presenters Program provides investments for non-profit organizations/committees wanting to provide musical experiences for their communities during 2024. Non-profit organizations/committees can avail up to $1500 to help cover the costs associated with hiring musical talent in their community. 

Examples of Eligible Expenses:

  • Musician Fees
  • Travel and accommodations for musicians
  • Equipment rentals

Ineligible Expenses:

  • Capital Costs

Please include MusicNL logos on promotional material.

You may use the following wording when promoting MusicNL’s contribution: “supported by MusicNL”.

Deadline: Program will remain open until funds are exhausted!


Your final report must include:

1.      Evidence of project conclusion:

a.     Promotional materials (photos, social media posts, flyers, etc.)

2.     Updated budget: Add the actual expenses and income to your original budget. If you used a spreadsheet, just add a new column in the same file, add the new information, and re-send the updated file.

3.     Narrative report: Please provide a short description of the event. Here are a few questions for inspiration:

a.     How did it go?

b.     What have you learned from it? What will you repeat next time, and what not?

c.     What was the impact of your project in your community?

This is not required for this year, but if you can, please provide proof of payment used in your project. We understand that some payments to musicians or other professionals could have been cash. For these cases, an invoice would be appreciated.