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Instrumental Connections

The core purpose of this program is to connect our members through the process of networking.

MusicNL is now part of the National Connector Program! All 35 communities work hard to retain talented international students in Canada by engaging them with employers, businesses, and the local community.

Newfoundland and Labrador have the first music industry-focused connector program in Canada. Our Instrumental Connections Program will benefit all musicians and industry professionals, including newcomers, women, and emerging artists. 

Check the following video to learn more!

Are you a Connectee?

Connectees are newcomers, emerging artists, new graduates, and ANYONE who is looking to make more connections in the Newfoundland and Labrador music sector. For example:

-You are working on a big project and need technical assistance

-You are a recent music graduate and need to get connected to the local job market

-You want to refresh your network in the music sector

Are you a Connector?

Connectors are industry professionals who have a large group of connections. They help connectees make new connections in the music sector. For example:

-You want to help musicians and those in the sector grow their professional careers

-You are eager to contribute in making a more diverse community

-You are happy to gather people together

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