November 2021

NL Artists & Industry Professionals Nominated for East Coast Music Awards

35 ECMA Nominations for Newfoundland & Labrador/Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador Congratulations to all nominees: Company of the Year / Compagnie de l’année618 Entertainment INC Visual Artist of the Year / Artiste visuel de l’annéeAaron Bishop Classical Composition of the Year / Composition classique de l’annéeAndrew Staniland – “Peter Quince at the Clavier” Company of the Year / Compagnie […]

Legends Of Broken Rock: Fiddle

Legends of Broken Rock: Fiddle began as a theater project for students of The MusicBox. The theater production was part of a series called Legends of Broken Rock which included two other works: The Black Headed Seagull and The Search For Mary. Due to the project’s success it evolved into a film independently created. The very […]

Diversity And Inclusion: Are You Eager, Upbeat, And Enjoy Engaging People To Promote Positive Change?

We are very excited to have partnered with Stephanie Howlett, CEO of DiversityNL to build on our LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion plan creating a place of belonging for all our employees and members. This partnership will assist in providing LGBTQ+ awareness, understanding and acceptance so that MusicNL is a place where no matter how you gender identify […]