2024: Year of the Arts

MusicNL is the Music Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador!

Grow your Network


The Connectee meets with the Connections Manager to discuss career path, networking tips, and more. Based on that meeting, we dig into MusicNL’s network to find the best match for the Connectee. Once introductions are made, everything is ready for the first connection.


The Connectee and Connector meet for 30 minutes to gain insight knowledge about each other and their projects within the music industry. Even if both of them have been living in Newfoundland and Labrador, we expect that this connection will create, refresh and expand opportunities for everyone who works in the music sector.


After the meeting, Connectors are asked to refer the Connectee to a minimum of three people in their network, and then each of these people are asked to refer the Connectee to three more. These referrals may be potential employers, influential leaders, future collaborators, festival coordinators, concert programmers or even fellow musicians who are eager to assist and build up local talent in our community!


Chanel Rolle


(709) 754-2574 ext. 2