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Songistry And MusicNL Announce Partnership Enhancing Music Asset Management For Newfoundland and Labrador Creators

MusicNL members leveraging science achieve competitive advantage in music licensing by using MDIIO and MDIIO+

LOS ANGELES, CA, ST. JOHNS, NL and EDMONTON, AB – December 1, 2020 – Songistry and MusicNL today announced that they have launched a strategic partnership. MusicNL, Newfoundland and Labrador’s leading music trade association, now offers its members access to Songistry’s MDIIO and MDIIO+ music AI platform. This partnership will make the lives of MusicNL members easier by helping them effortlessly register and copyright their music with Canadian Performance Rights Association, SOCAN, provide rights holders with licensing opportunities, and offer a platform for rights holders and licensors to negotiate terms.

The MDIIO and MDIIO+ platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to assist the discovery of music for licensing purposes. Its diverse online community—which has recently eclipsed 5000 creators and organizations from over 25 countries—includes songwriters, artists, musicians, DJs, producers, music supervisors, creative directors, music libraries, labels and music publishers. In other words, literally anyone involved in the music value chain.

“Our job is to let musicians do what they do best, make music, while we handle the business of growing the music industry in Newfoundland and Labrador, so it was it was a natural fit to partner with an innovative organization such as Songistry, removing some of the stress that accompanies making music,” says Rhonda Tulk-Lane, Executive Director of MusicNL. “Access to music licensing opportunities is always a challenge for creators, MDIIO and MDIIO+ gives our members that competitive advantage in a crowded market. Collaborating with Songistry will allow our members to protect their works and then earn a living from that creativeness.

“We want to open the door for music creators worldwide,” says Curtis Serna, CEO and President of Songistry. “MDIIO and MDIIO+ is putting the power back in the hands of the people responsible for soundtracking the important moments in our lives. Our goal is to democratize access to music licensing opportunities for those that do not always have access, leveraging science to the benefit of an entire industry. It’s music and science working in perfect harmony.”

About MusicNL
MusicNL is a non-profit organization that promotes, develops, and advocates for musicians and music industry stakeholders in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The organization aims to increase awareness of music created in the province and stimulate growth of the industry.

For more information, visit www.musicnl.ca.

About Songistry 
Songistry’s MDIIO (Music Data Intelligence In/Out) platform uses machine learning tools and proprietary AI to bring together creators, creatives, and enterprise organizations. MDIIO streamlines the music asset management workflow: its copyright, marketplace, and licensing framework protects rights holders; grants access to real licensing opportunities through its partner network of TV and film studios; and allows terms to be negotiated in a transparent manner with MDIIO, guaranteeing payment and therefore increasing revenues while decreasing costs. All of this makes MDIIO the world’s only 360-degree music solution.

For more information, visit www.mdiio.com.

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