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CEO’s Departure – Farewell and Gratitude: A Message from the Chair

Dear Members of MusicNL,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of MusicNL I invite you to join us in congratulating our departing CEO Rhonda Tulk-Lane as she steps into the new role of CEO for the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce at the end of January 2024.

During her four years leading MusicNL, Rhonda has accomplished so many incredible things for the organization. Her pan-provincial focus saw more activity and energy directed across and throughout the province than ever before. This led to the significant milestone of MusicNL surpassing 1,000 members, making us the largest Music Industry Association by membership in Atlantic Canada.

Rhonda built important partnerships with organizations like the Association for New Canadians, First Light, Hospitality NL, and more. These relationships have helped MusicNL to build community and capacity while refining our mission and purpose as an organization.

Most importantly, Rhonda helped to build a stable foundation for the organization. She has trained incredible core staff, and assembled an active and focused board of directors. She leaves the organization in a better state than when she arrived, and we are grateful for all the work she has done to ensure this.

The board is working to ensure continuity of the organization while we take the time that is needed to identify new leadership. We will work alongside staff to support day-to-day operations during this period, and will provide regular updates to members throughout the process.

Congratulations Rhonda! Thank you for everything you have done for MusicNL, and best of luck in your new role with the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce.

All the best,
Nigel Jenkins

Chair of the Board – MusicNL