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MusicNL is the Music Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador!

MusicNL Hits a Milestone with 1000 Members, Celebrating a Vibrant and Growing Music Community in 2023


[ST. JOHN’S, DECEMBER 26] — MusicNL, the Province’s music industry association dedicated to supporting and promoting Newfoundland and Labrador’s vibrant music scene, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone as it welcomes its 1000th member. This achievement reflects the organization’s continued commitment to fostering a dynamic and flourishing music community in the region.

Since its inception, MusicNL has played a pivotal role in connecting musicians, industry professionals, and enthusiasts, creating a collaborative environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and success. The diverse membership base includes musicians, bands, choirs, music educators, producers, promoters, managers and other key players in the local music ecosystem.

As MusicNL celebrates reaching the 1000-member mark, the organization recognizes the strength and diversity of its membership as a testament to the richness of the Newfoundland and Labrador music scene. The milestone highlights the growing support and engagement from artists and industry professionals who are passionate about contributing to the region’s musical tapestry.

“We are incredibly proud to reach this milestone of 1000 members, a testament to the vibrant and thriving music community we have here in Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Rhonda Tulk-lane, CEO at MusicNL. “This achievement reflects the dedication and passion of our members and the ongoing commitment of MusicNL to provide valuable resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy for the local music industry.”

MusicNL encourages musicians, industry professionals, and music enthusiasts to join the association and become part of this thriving community. By joining MusicNL, members gain access to a wide range of resources, educational opportunities, and a supportive network that can help elevate their careers in the music industry.

For more information about MusicNL and how to become a member visit https://musicnl.ca/join-now/

Contact: Rhonda Tulk-Lane, CEO, rhonda@musinl.ca, 709-351-0291