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MusicNL Honours 3 Performers Who Lost their Lives in the K of C Fire of 1942

ST. JOHN’S, NL – MusicNL will honour the lives of 3 entertainers who lost their lives while trying to save others during a fire at the Knights of Columbus hostel in 1942, 80 years ago today.

About the Fire
When the fire broke out at the hostel, the show was already being broadcast on VOCM, allowing listeners to hear a woman cry out ‘fire’ followed by a series of explosions until the radio died. During this horrific event, 99 people were killed despite the effort of 3 brave entertainers who risk their own lives in an attempt to save those involved in the fire. The three entertainers were Guitarist, Hector Woolley, Pianist, Ted Gaudet and Dancer Gus Duggan.

The Unsung Hero Award
The Unsung Hero award is chosen each year by MusicNL directors and presented to someone or an organization that goes unnoticed for their work and contribution. MusicNL will be dedicating the name of the Unsung Hero Award to these three performers, Hector Woolley, Ted Gaudet, and Gus Duggan.

“MusicNL is honoured to dedicate the naming of our Unsung Hero Award to these 3 brave individuals. Each year we will share this story, we never forget these heroes and their great sacrifice.” Rhonda Tulk-Lane, CEO, MusicNL.

MusicNL directors will decide on a new name for the award in the coming months with consultation from the Knights and Columbus. 

Photo via Maritime History Archive