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Rachel Cousins Releases New Single “Aftermath”

Ever wish you could turn back time in a relationship? “Aftermath “will give you a reflection on that relationship and the journey, wondering how you got to a place of it no longer being a solid, healthy relationship but still longing and looking back to the good times. Rachel Cousins will take you on a journey vocally. There are many unexpected turns with strong, heartfelt vocals. You will feel the raw emotion in her voice, believing every word she is singing. Complimenting the song are the incredible harmonies by Paige Penny, Ian Crewe and Kellie Loder, they with take your breath away. The song was recorded at The Musicbox studio by Brett Vey and was produced by Daniel Adams. Co-written by Rachel Cousins, Kellie Loder, Brett Vey, Ian Crewe and Paige Penney.